The Please Wait Podcast

From Golf to Roomates

August 4, 2021

In another exciting episode, that was recorded by the guys in a shed, we recap some current events and past experiences. If you are a returning listener, than it is just like all the other episodes. Packed with information and knowledge that could help you in survival situations. We have a golf course story, opinions on Simone Biles, and talk a bit about old roommates. A few questions come up and we discuss those too. We do the show for you and yours. We hope you listen and enjoy. Thank you and tell a stranger about the Podcast.


We are still looking to make first contact with someone who listens to the podcast. If you listen, please reach out with a review, a joke, a question, a story, a photo, a zoom call, a video, a recipe, an artwork, a song, a poem, or anything. We just want to get to know a listener or two.


Reach out to us on Twitter- @wait_podcast or email us at



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