The Please Wait Podcast

Homeless, N. Dakota, and Beer

July 12, 2021

The guys ramble on about topics they know nothing about in the shed again this week. We talk about homeless people. We talk about North Dakota and check in on our New Years Resolutions. The year is half way over and some things are going great. Some things not so much but that is why you set multiple goals. We talk about the lifestyle of not drinking and grown men drinking girly drinks. We close out this episode with the retirement of Coach K, Donald Trump, and the possibility of a Royal Rumble with other elderly people.


We are still looking to make first contact with someone who listens to the podcast. If you listen, please reach out with a review, a joke, a question, a story, a photo, a zoom call, a video, a recipe, an artwork, a song, a poem, or anything. We just want to get to know a listener or two.


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